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HEADSHOT UPLOAD: please make sure your image meets the following criteria -

  1. RESOLUTION: A minimum size/resolution of 1500 pixels wide @ 144 dpi. Most current smart phones do this already. If you are unsure, check the phone settings, you should be able to change them. more pixels @ 300 dpi is even better. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND TAKEN BRAND NEW PHOTOS.
  2. ORIENTATION: photo must have a Portrait orientation (taller than it is wide).
  3. FOCAL POINT: face must be in the center of the frame. If this is a headshot, then both your head and shoulders should be centered in the frame.
  4. LIGHTING: this is important. Take the photo in a room with GREAT lighting. Open all curtains, remove things blocking natural light in the room. Turn on ALL lights. We want to avoid a dark photo or too many shadows. Being outside on a sunny day is also good.
  5. BACKGROUND: your image will be edited and the background in your photo will likely be removed. The best background is a solid wall or vertical surface with a SINGLE SOLID COLOR. Busy backgrounds make it difficult to identify the outlines of your body when cutting you out of the image. I personally prefer lighter backgrounds, white is really good. Stay away from colors like blue, red, orange, and green. If you don't have a white, or very light background available, then go as dark as possible.
  6. PROOFING: when choosing which photo to submit, the outline of your face and facial details should be crisp and clear, not fuzzy, blurry, or hazy.

Read more about how to take great headshots here.

Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 499 MB.
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